Combating Stress Through Massage Therapy

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There may be many remedies for relieving stress and tension, which are hard to avoid in the complexities of modern life for any age-group, but among the most enjoyable and peaceable ones is opting for massage therapy.

Medical research has pointed out that most of today’s health problems are due to stress, which can be caused also from improper diets, following an unhealthy life style, working overtime or in a disorganized way etc. The common factor among all these possible causes for stress is that no matter what the source of the stress, it has a damaging effect on the bodily systems, whichare needed to be maintained properly for sustained, healthy output.

This is why it is important to banish stress and eliminate the factors that lead to it. One of the ways this can be done,  is through massage therapy. Massage Therapy has been proven to relieve stress and combat various health issues that can crop up due to uncontrolled stress.

These include gastrointestinal disorders, cardiac disease, loss of memory besides decreased immune function. Of course, there is always medication for relieving stress and while pill-popping is popular and even advertised highly on the TV, it is not recommended as either a long-term or even a safe option. This is why massage therapy has gained so much importance in recent times withpeople having experienced first-hand the benefits and the joys of a good, therapeutic massage and with so many forms of massage abounding, not to mention massage parlors andliterature promoting the practice, is it a surprise that it is such a favorite topic? Not really would be the right answer – for there are so many people in the world who have benefited from a good, timely and warm massage therapy and the thoughtful manipulation of body tissues that relax mind, body, muscle, sinus, nerves and much more – releasing not only muscular tension and metabolic waste, but also promoting nutrient delivery for hastening tissue healing.

Thus, the current belief that massage therapy is a boom is not far-off because its blessings are a-plenty for those that have tried it and come out significantly more at peace, in better health – both physically and mentally and better equipped also to face the demands of a changing world.  

From the realm of alternate medicine and healthcare systems that were centuries old, such as those practiced in India, Japan, Sweden and China come the best forms of massage therapy that are aimed at preventing, controlling and even curing chronic ailments so the individual can enjoy an enhanced sense of holistic healing.

What makes massage therapy such a blessing for modern, stress-filled lives and people is the fact that it works on varied principles that boost our body’s immune system, helps release harmful chemicals from the body and has a joyful effect of peace, contentment and relaxation due to a trained therapist’s hands working to improve health by acting directly on the muscular, nervous, circulatory and immune systems at one time.

Massage therapy basically releases endorphins (the happy hormones) and combines comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy, specific body part healing techniques, pathology and human psychology, so is only beneficial when performed by a trained therapist who has

received proper education in all these aspects – learn about the credentials to become one, or even to pick one!

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