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Texas 500HRS Massage Therapy Program

Next Massage Therapy Class

Starts March 2nd 2020

Morning class starts March 2nd. 2020. 8:00am – 1:00pm

Monday Through Thursday.

Evening class Starts July 7th 2020. 5:30pm-10:30pm Tuesday and Thursday only.

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NOTE…TBTMI is not currently offering the 600hrs program. Only the basic 500hrs program is available.

Program Outline: Massage Training Level I – 500 Course Hours
This program consists of the 500 hours required by the Texas Department of State Health Services to become registered as a massage therapist with the State. Upon successful completion of the training program, the student will be ready for the State massage therapy examination. The course requirements are as follows:


Not yet available at this time

Swedish Massage (SM 1001)
125 hrs 150hrs
Massage Technique (MT2020) 75 hrs 100 hrs
Human Anatomy (HA1002)
50 hrs 70 hrs
Human Physiology (HP1001)
25 hrs 50 hrs
Kinesiology (HK1023)
50 hrs 75 hrs
Pathology (HP1024)
40 hrs 50 hrs
Hydrotherapy (HW1029)
20 hrs 20 hrs
Business Practices, Ethics & Massage Therapy Laws(BE1005) 45 hrs 65 hrs
Human Health & Hygiene (HH1004)
20 hrs 20 hrs
Required Internship (IN2029)
50 hrs 150 hrs
Non Required Internship
Total contact hours
$500 hrs 750hrs
Tuition $5500


Swedish Massage (SM 1001)

Students will study the basic massage technique developed by Peter Ling. Students will give and receive a full body Swedish massage. Class format includes theory and history of massage, demonstration of techniques, supervised practice, personal development, and guided relaxation techniques. The emphasis is on becoming comfortable with touching.

Massage Technique (MT2020)

Other massage modalities will be included in this study. These modalities include Thai massage, reflexology, neuromuscular/trigger points, Eastern philosophy, passive and active joint movements, nonspecific stretches, and AIS and passive/active exercise. Students learn through demonstration, hands on practice, personal instruction, video, and handouts.

Human Anatomy (HA1002)

Students will become familiar with scientific thought and medical terms for the human body. Emphasis will be placed on the musculoskeletal system, as it relates to the body worker.

Human Physiology (HP1001)

Students will explore the vital systems of the human body. The lectures are oriented to appreciate the relationship between the science of the body systems and the healing act of massage.

Kinesiology (HK1023)

This course builds on the foundation of Anatomy and Physiology with an in depth study of muscle systems, individual muscle origins, actions, and insertions, proper palpation techniques to identify muscles, and their trigger points. Each day?s lesson ends with a demonstration of deep tissue techniques used to treat each muscle group.

Pathology (HP1024)

Students will learn an in depth study of the nature, terms, conditions, symptoms, and treatments, of disease and infection. Students learn to identify conditions and disorders, indications and contraindications as they relate to massage including psychological and emotional states. The course also covers basic pharmacology as it can be used in treatments. Lessons focus on a specific body system as each condition, disorder, and disease is studied in detail.

Hydrotherapy (HW1029)

Students will learn basic hydrotherapy principles, including the use of water in its various forms of vapor, liquid and solid. The uses of the various baths, including dry brushing, and salt glows will also be taught.

Business Practices, Professional Ethics, and Massage Therapy Laws (BE1005)

Students will learn goal setting, and prioritizing, time management, marketing skills, bookkeeping, office design, business planning. The study will also include a review of state regulations and business law as it relates to massage therapy, as well as a discussion of ethical standards for massage therapy.

Human Health and Hygiene (HH1004)

The student studies recognized methods of sterilization including disease prevention as applied to massage therapy. A personal health plan is created including a burn out prevention plan to assist the student in maintaining optimal wellness, and in so doing, learn to assist others with their wellness.

Internship (IN2029)

In this section, the student will have “hands-on” experience functioning as a massage therapist. The student will make client appointments, interview clients, perform massage therapy, review the client evaluation with the massage therapy instructor, and perform such other tasks that are necessary to the business of a successful massage therapy practice.

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Tuition for the Massage Therapy Level 1 (Basic) program (State required for becoming licensed) is $5,500, excluding licensing fees, books and supplies.

Tuition for the Massage Therapy Level 11 (Professional Massage Therapists) program is $2800 (To be eligible for level 11, candidate must complete Level 1 basic program)

The student may pay his/her tuition in full, by Cash, Check, Money Order, or credit card. There is a 5% discount for full prepayment.

TBTMI also offers a no interest payment plan, of $1000 down payment and a $300 monthly payment  untill the tuition is paid in full.

Books & supplies are additional. Estimated cost for books & supplies is $365.00. You will be provided books & supplies list at enrollment.

With a $1000.00 deposit and an application fee, you are on your way to a new career. The balance can be financed by TBTMI at a zero interest. Come in today and talk with one of our counselors. TBTMI no interest payment plan can be financed up to 18 months.

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2019 Class schedules are as follows:

Morning Class: Start Date,  August 26th. 2019, 8:00am-1:pm Mondays -Thursdays

Program Length is approximately 5.5 months.

Evening Class:  Start date,  July 30th 2019, 5:30pm-10:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Program length is 12 months

Register today. Limited space available.